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Jail Release Fees May Go Toward Attorney’s Fees

Tarrant County Jail Release in Fort Worth

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Fort Worth Jail Release

If someone gets arrested in Tarrant County, Texas, law enforcement officers file a probable cause affidavit outlining the criminal accusation against the person. A judge in Tarrant County reviews this probable cause affidavit and reviews the arrested person’s criminal record.

Tarrant County Jail, Greenbay Unit, or Mansfield Jail

Then based on the law enforcement affidavit and the arrested person’s criminal history the Tarrant County Judge sets the amount required for bail. The bail and bond required can be higher depending on the type of allegation and seriousness of the alleged crime along with the arrested person’s prior arrest record.
Misdemeanor bail in Tarrant County ranges from about $500 to $10,000. Bail for misdemeanors starts on the low end for “hot checks” and can be much higher for violence allegation (i.e. assault family violence). First offense DWI in Ft. Worth or Arlington is usually have a bail between $1,500-3,000. The amount of bail can be higher depending on what occurred during the DWI arrest and investigation (i.e. a higher BAC or accident). If a person has a past drunk driving arrest of conviction or if they allegedly caused an accident with injury the bail may be higher. If the person is alleged to have a minor under 15 in the vehicle this bumps the offense to a felony and can have a higher bond amount . Tarrant County Judges take all the presented factors into account when setting bond or bail.

What is a bondman?

A bondsman, is any person or corporation that acts as a surety and pledges money or property as bail to guarantee the appearance of persons accused of a crime (whether formally charged or not). Usually, criminal defendants call a bondsman to try to get released from jail. The criminal defendant or their family generally pays a fee that can be hundreds or thousands of dollars. Then the bondsman will “post the bond” or sign that they guarantee the defendant will attend court (or comply with other conditions).

What happens to the money I pay a bondsman?

They keep it. Many people are under the misconception that if you appear for court and do what you’re supposed to do that the bondsman will return the money paid. That’s not the case. The bondsman is a business person or company. The business makes money by charging people a fee to get released from jail. So, you don’t get the bond money back and you don’t get to apply it toward attorney’s fees.

Can my lawyer help me get out of jail?

Yes in most cases. In Tarrant County, if your attorney has taken the appropriate steps they can use the “attorney bond” system to have you released from jail.

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It’s important to understand that you are hiring the attorney and they are bonding you out as their client. Many attorneys also charge a fee for this bond service. Sometimes, you may need an attorney to get you out of jail there is not a bond set. The attorney may have to file a writ
to have you released. Often the bond is too high, so you may need an attorney to file a Motion for Bond Reduction. There are many things a lawyer can do to get you out of jail pending trial or a plea. Sometimes a person cannot be released because the judge has decided there is “no bond” set or if there is a “blue warrant” holding the person.
If your loved one is stuck in Tarrant County Jail, Call to Get Out!
Weekends, holidays, and the time of day can make your loved one sit in jail for a long time waiting on a judge to set bail or bond amount. In Texas a licensed attorneys can get a client out of jail. Cody L. Cofer, Attorney & Counselor at Law, can help your get your loved one out of jail. Call (817) 810-9395 for more information.

What is “Pretrial Release” that I heard about?

Pretrial Release is a personal bond office funded through Tarrant County. It was established in March of 1979. If you or a family member is in jail on a criminal offense, you may be released for $20.00, or 3% of the bond amount, whichever is greater. Cases are reviewed on an individual basis. When you call the Pretrial Release Office in order to obtain a Pretrial Release Bond, you will need to provide the interviewer with information regarding the person in jail. This information will aid in determining the client’s eligibility to be released from jail. A personal interview will be conducted if the client is in the Tarrant County Corrections Center. If the client is not at that facility, the person requesting the release will need to provide the necessary information to qualify the client.

I person must meet the minimum qualifications before Pre-Trial Release may be considered:

  • MUST be Tarrant County or Dallas County resident.
  • MUST be in jail on a Tarrant County offense (first-degree felony charges are excluded).
  • MUST not be on parole or have any felony convictions.
  • MUST be willing to appear in Tarrant County Courts until the case is completely out of litigation.
  • MUST provide positive identification.
  • MUST NOT have history of bond forfeitures.

Before you call, get the client’s full legal name, the correct spelling, and birth date. The client must have a valid Texas driver’s license or state identification card, and a social security number. In addition, you must provide three (3) local references.

Learn more about by visiting the county website: Tarrant County Pretrial Release.

What is a cash bond?

This requires a person to post the entire amount of the bond set by the judge. Even though it’s called a “cash bond” the Tarrant County Jail does not accept cash for bail. You need to get a cashier’s check or money order to present at the Tarrant County Jail. You don’t get this money back until the case is finally resolved and you can lose it if the person does not show up or is late for court. Your money can be in the system or years, or forever.

What is a bail bond?

Depending on the different factors discussed above it may be necessary to go to a bail bondman. Usually a bondsman charges 15-20% of the bail amount. You do not get this fee back. This fee does not go towards attorney’s fees.

Jail Release Ft. Worth, Texas

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Jail Release fees apply toward legal representation.

An attorney is permitted by law to execute bail bonds for persons actually represented by that attorney in criminal cases in Tarrant County, Texas.

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