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We want to be your theft defense team. If you have been accused of any level of theft (misdemeanor or felony), then you know you are facing serious penalties. The consequences of a theft charges are not only the penalties you can get in court, but also your criminal record can make every part of your life more difficult. That is why we are here to help.

What can a Fort Worth theft crimes lawyer do for you? First, every theft case is unique. Often the evidence against you includes video recordings or witnesses. Other cases are considered circumstantial. Even without a video or eyewitnesses, defending theft cases requires your attorney’s hard work and caring.

As an example, your theft crimes attorney can challenge the way evidence was collected in your case. Based on legal arguments, some incriminating statements may be suppressed (excluded from evidence). Another area of law (Fourth Amendment), allows evidence obtained from illegal searches or seizures to be thrown out of court. If you contact us, we will meet with you and review your case, today.

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Fort Worth Felony Theft Lawyer

Like many Texas crimes, a theft charge may range in seriousness of penalty. This range is from a ticket (fine only) to Life in prison. Several factors impact whether a theft is a misdemeanor or felony. A person’s criminal history can increase the seriousness of a theft crime based on an “enhancement.” A special class of alleged victim may also increase the penalty. Of course, the value of items alleged to have been stolen impacts how a theft is charged. Regardless of why your theft charge is a felony, you need a criminal defense attorney working on your case immediately. Time is of the essence in preparing the best defense or working to get the prosecutor to drop or reduce your charges.

Misdemeanor Theft Lawyer in Fort Worth

Our office no longer accepts cases prosecuted in Municipal or Justice courts – tickets. If you call our office we will refer you to a capable ticket attorney. However, we do represent people accused of Class A and B Misdemeanor Thefts and felony thefts. The most common misdemeanor theft charge is “Shoplifting.” Misdemeanor theft can result in up to a year in jail and $4,000 fine. Also, even these lower level charges can have a permanent impact on your employability and background checks. If you are charged with misdemeanor theft in Tarrant County, then you need to seek the advice of a criminal defense attorney. If you act fast, your lawyer may be able to get your case dismissed, so you can later get the theft expunged from your record.

Tarrant County Shoplifting Lawyer

In Texas, theft is the most prosecuted crime state court. Tarrant County criminal courts are no exception. If the alleged value of theft is relatively high you can be facing a serious prison sentence. A conviction for theft can make a person practically unemployable in the Texas job market.
There are many forms of theft in Texas, including shoplifting, theft by check, and others. Any of these theft charges can have serious consequences in court and in your life. Because the consequences for a theft conviction are so great, it is important to find the best Fort Worth theft attorney possible for your theft case.


Defenses To Theft Charges

Every theft case is unique. The evidence in a theft prosecution may include witnesses or video. However, there are many defenses to theft charges in Texas. Sometimes evidence collection is poor in theft cases or law enforcement may have jumped to the wrong conclusion. The value of stolen property is often an issue in theft cases. Misdemeanor theft or felony charges can often be effectively defended. However, in many cases, we are able to work out an agreement to keep the theft off of your record even if the evidence against you is substantial. You need to speak with an experienced, zealous Fort Worth theft defense lawyer to discuss all of your options.