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Cody had us at hello. My daughter was facing very serious charges due to an unfortunate accident. We visited with 3 lawyers before coming to see Cody. He returned my daughter’s call immediately. Upon meeting with Cody there was a sense of total trust, knowledge, and responsiveness. Cody and his team fought in her defense 110 percent. He kept her out of jail and saved her from losing her medical license. I would call Cody in a heartbeat if I ever needed an attorney. – Pamela

Cody is not only an expert in his field, but a tenacious adversary. His work ethic and intelligence put him in the echelon of elites. This just scratches the surface though. Cody is full of innate abilities most attorney’s spend their entire lives trying to adopt. Work with him once, and you’ll never look anywhere else again. – Ryan Matthew

Mr. Cofer handled an aggravated assault case for my husband. It was a situation where my husband was just in the wrong place at the wrong time but it became a very stressful ordeal for our whole family. Mr. Cofer was incredibly sensitive to the needs of our family and was great at communicating with me and my husband. He was very up front with us on what we should expect and gave clear instructions on how my husband could make himself look better and avoid these situations in the future. After only a few months of working my husband’s case he was able to get it completely dismissed. If you need an attorney, Mr. Cofer should be the one you call! – Criminal Defense Client

Had a very positive experience when I needed help with my son’s adoption. Very highly recommended. – Thomas Rogers

I’ve never had to hire a lawyer before. A friend gave me Mr. Cofer’s number. I called leave a message on a weekend and he called me back within an hour. He gave me advice on how I could make my situation better while I was waiting on my court date. Everyone seemed to know and like him in the courtroom (including the judge). He was always super nice. I did have to wait for him for a while on my court dates, but I can understand he has to be in a lot of courts. He made sure I knew what was going on and asked me if I had questions several times (I had a lot of questions). He explained everything very well. After a few court date he got my case dismissed. I won’t get in trouble again, but if I know someone that does I will send them to Mr. Cofer. – Jeremiah

The only lawyers I have worked with have been corporate lawyers. About a year ago I found myself in a terrible situation. My college friend pointed me in the direction of Cody. When I first spoke to him on the phone I knew this guy knew what he was talking about. I was a wreck, but Cody kept calming me down. I trusted him, but I was staying up nights thinking about the worst. He actually went out and took statements from witnesses, photographed the scene, and did research on the person accusing me. Every update was seriously like something you saw on Matlock. My case was dismissed!! I kept my job and my professional license. I just can’t thank him enough.– Criminal Defense Client

I interviewed a bunch of lawyers for my son. My son was accused of some horrible things by a girl from school. The case could have ruined his life. Mr. Cofer worked on the case for about 3 months and ended up getting the case completely dropped. My son is going to college next year because Mr. Cofer was able to show the girl was a liar. – Sheri

Cody Cofer is a Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney with an office of skilled and experienced attorneys and staff. We take client care seriously, and we pride ourselves on these great reviews and referrals. If you have a case pending in Tarrant or a surrounding county, contact our law office. We want to meet you and help you.

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