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Continuing Education 2016

Tarrant County Bar Association Office

1 Crimmigration Good Advice

I simply stole this from the paper. I believe it provides great advice on both sides of the Immigration Issue. Criminal defense lawyers needs to consult and expert as soon as possible.

2 Crimmigration Title Slide
3 Crimmigration Client Loyalty

Unfortunately, attorneys allow their desire to avoid ineffective assistance claims or grievances to conflict with their duty to remain loyal to their clients.

4 Crimmigration Exhibit in Removal Proceedings

Always, be mindful of how what you put on the record can be used against your client. Also, remember your client must give consent for you to disclose attorney-client conversations.

5 Crimmigration You cannot punt

The criminal defense attorney is responsible for advising her client. This is not a responsibility that can be delighted or abandoned.

6 Crimmigration Documents of Citizenship

Unfortunately, sometimes clients are afraid or distrustful, so they choose to be dishonest with their lawyer. In other instances, clients may be mistaken about their immigration status.

This means a criminal defense attorney should do independent investigation into the client’s immigration status. These listed documents are what a lawyer should be looking for.

7 Crimmigration Client wrong about status

This is an example of a complaint in an ineffective assistance writ. The lawyer was not found ineffective; however, this fact was noted by the court. This misrepresentation was not dispositive, so a misrepresentation by the client doesn’t absolve lawyers of their duty to investigate.

8 Crimmigration Scope of Representation

Immigration consequences are completely intertwined with the decision whether to plea guilty.

9 Crimmigration Duty to Communicate
9.1 Crimmigration Defense Criminal Responsibility
9.2 Crimmigration Defense Justification
9.3 Crimmigration Facts of Criminal Case and Immigration
9.4 Crimmigration Self Defense Example

Not ineffective in this particular case; however, the outcome could have been difference if the record relate to “prejudice” would have been more developed.

9.5 Crimmigration Padilla Now

You should not use “ineffective” as the bar for your representation. You do not want to be the lawyer on the case that breaks open a new area of ineffective assistance, like the poor guy in Padilla.

9.6 Crimmigration Get Board Certified

Get money from your client or the court to get an expert involved. As we know, “Not having the money,” is not a legitimate reason to forgo the proper representation of a client.

9.9.9 Crimmigration Letter to Client Crimmigration CYA Stamp Crimmigration Acknowledgment in File

Once again, do not make something a part of the clerk’s file that could be used against your client. “Admonishments” are fine to file with the court. Your client’s acknowledgment of removability or inadmissibility is NOT ok to file. This is where CYA can conflict with LOYALTY. Crimmigration Statutory Admonishment

Markup your plea papers. Have your clients initial the important parts. Remember, a clerk’s record is MUCH easier to track down than a report’s record. Crimmigration No Bullshit

Have the hard conversations with your client. Have it early and often. You may be scared your client won’t follow your good advice to accept a plea, or you may be afraid of your client firing you. Your fear is not an acceptable reason to abandon your duty to candidly and clearly communicate with your client. Questions

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